Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

We are located in the Bishop City Park, off North Main Street, between Yaney Street and Bruce Street.

2. How can I donate?

You can mail, or drop-off, your donation at the Bishop City Office. You can also donate through the recycling program at Manor Market. 

Bishop City Offices                              Manor Market
377 West Line Street                           3100 West Line Street
Bishop, CA. 93514                               Bishop, CA. 93514

3. Can I sign-up to be a volunteer or a member?

Absolutely! We would appreciate your help! Please send your contact information to: [email protected]

4. Why is there a small dog and large dog area?

Most multi-sized dogs can get along, but sometimes they can’t. Small dogs can sometimes lead to a predator response from larger dogs if they cry out while playing or if they like to be chased. It’s not their fault they like to play with the big dogs, but it’s generally better to keep them separated from larger dogs in order to prevent injuries. Small dog owners can use the large-dog area, but be aware that injuries could occur if they are playing with the larger dogs. We recommend that smaller dogs just use the small dog area.

5. Why should I not bring food or drinks into the dog park?

Both human food and dog food, or treats, can lead to food aggression in dogs, which can lead to dog fights. It’s not about people feeding the dogs the food, but about how dogs react to food being present. Have you had a dog come up to you and sit nicely for you or push their nose into your pocket? Are you carrying dog treats? This too can lead to food aggression. Please do not bring in food, drinks, or smoke in the park.