About Us

Mission Statement:

 To promote education, training and recreational activities that promote and foster responsible dog ownership. To support and work with the City and Bishop in the care and maintenance of the dog park.

We work in partnership with the City of Bishop, who is committed to working with the public to ensure that the dog park benefits everyone and to educate the community about responsible dog ownership and the value of off-leash recreation and socialization for dogs and their owners.

The Board:

Bishop Dog Park, Inc. includes members that represent the Board. These members work with community volunteers to organize fundraising activities, organizing volunteer clean-up days, implementing decisions on what features the dog park should include, such as trees, benches, water features, etc., and continue working with our partners such as the City of Bishop in maintaining the dog park.

Bishop Dog Park, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Board Member Officers:

President – Leeann Murphy
Treasurer/Secretary – Calder Reid

Steps in the Creation of the Dog Park:

• October 2007: Before the Bishop City Council, resident Nancy Hardy suggests the inclusion of a dog park in the 2002-2006 Bishop City Park Master Plan. The request is denied.

 • December 2008: Dog park committee is formed, collaborating with city officials on rules and design elements.

• February 2008: Dog park is adopted in Master Plan.

• November 2009: Architect R.O. Anderson designs new park plans.

 • January 2010: Hardy returns to update Parks and Recreation Commission on the Dog Park Committee’s progress.

 • Dec. 7, 2010: Phase one of the plan is initiated, which includes elements such as fencing, signage and waste management.

 • May 18, 2011: City Council declines the recommendation to institute a leash law, which would allow pets to be escorted through the City Park to their dog park.

 • September 2011: The dog park location is selected.

 • December 2011: Gary Schley orders an Environmental Impact Report to establish the effect of a dog park.

 • Feb. 6, 2012: The Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact report gives the dog park plans the go-ahead.

 • March 12, 2012: Dog park construction is approved by City Council.

 • March 12, 2012: Bishop Dog Park, Inc. was formed.

 • April 21,2012: Dog Fun Day fundraiser is held during Earth Day event.

 • April 2012: Bishop Dog Park, Inc. joins the Bishop Chamber of Commerce.

 • July 4, 2012: Dog park gates open

• Aug. 11, 2012: Official grand opening